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Hands-on at the local Global Service Design Jam

I was part of Wellington’s participation in the 2016 Global Service Design Jam –  about 75 teams from around the world spent 48 hours designing services from scratch during that final summer weekend (26 -28 Feb). Check out the website: The emphasis was firmly on doing – process over outcome – meaning it was a fantastically easy way to practise some of the basics of collaborative design. At the Biz Dojo shared workspace in Tory Street fifty of us Jammers ended up producing eight service propositions – from brainstorms to finished prototypes – at a crazy fun pace. On Friday night organiser Struan Rickman unveiled the Jam’s kick-off theme. It was not a ‘thing’, but a sound – I imagined a plop as if a heavy object had been released into water – or alternatively something had risen from beneath to break the water’s surface. And the Jam commenced… We milked every conceivable and […]

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Meet Matt

Matt is one of our fantastic Powershop designers, who enjoys creating a smooth and beautiful user experience. He loves to brew beer and play football (hopefully independent of each other), but he doesn’t like paperwork, so please don’t give him any. He can sometimes be seen carrying around a fancy camera or two. Apparently a few years ago he produced a hip-hop album! Perhaps we’ll have to start calling him Matty Matt. Job title: Interaction Lead What that actually means: Matt looks after the product (the Powershop customer site); balancing customer and business needs. Matt comes from: Dunedin.

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Meet Kelly

Kelly is one of our super talented interaction designers who also regularly wears her developer hat – she loves coding in CSS and HTML (no really, she does!). You won’t catch her cleaning up her desk often but you’re likely to see her out and about with her camera, doing VJing around town or organising tech events (like Rails Girls Wellington). Before joining us at Powershop she worked for a 5-person startup that raised ₤600,000 in 10 days from equity crowdfunding. Wow!! Job title: Interaction Designer/Developer What that actually means: Kelly sits in between dev and design making wireframes and then integrating them into the product from a front-end perspective. She’s currently working on the new shop UI and refactoring our CSS into Atomic Design structure. You can spot Kelly’s desk because: She has an impressively cluttered desktop. “I think she’s trying to create dark matter from the density of those files” and “Ouch that hurts my […]