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Dev Talk: Helix Pi, A way to make games with no code required

Helix Pi is a side project I’ve been working on over the last two months, outside of work and during hackdays. It’s a browser based tool to allow anyone to make, mod and share games with no coding knowledge required. I gave a talk at Powershop about how it works and what I’m trying to achieve. Check it out. If you want to have a play around, you can try it out at Helix Pi is open source under the MIT license. You can check out the code on Github.

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Hack Day Project – Making timesheets fun (ish)

Timesheets or death! As much as we all dislike doing timesheets, Aleks (keeper of time, wrangler of developers) sends us lovingly crafted reminder emails featuring sad cat memes to remind us to do them on time or else. As someone who loves front end and user experience, I wanted to make the ‘Timesheeting’ experience better for everyone. I decided to make a series of themes for our timesheet app. I thought it would be great to have a new theme each week. It didn’t take long and so i set up some rules to make it easy, each theme would have a background, a font colour and header background. Cool. I then set this to change out each week.