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Dev Talk: Helix Pi, A way to make games with no code required

Helix Pi is a side project I’ve been working on over the last two months, outside of work and during hackdays. It’s a browser based tool to allow anyone to make, mod and share games with no coding knowledge required. I gave a talk at Powershop about how it works and what I’m trying to achieve. Check it out. If you want to have a play around, you can try it out at Helix Pi is open source under the MIT license. You can check out the code on Github.

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Ruby gems: Writing one for Powershop

During the last two weeks at Powershop I wrote and published one of my first gems as part of a development task. The gem is called Stopwatch and can be found on GitHub and RubyGems. For a bit of context, recently we had a performance issue with a couple of pages that made them take a few seconds to load. The performance issue was O(N), proportional to how long a customer has been with us. When trying to fix the issue, we also want to prevent it from being introduced again—that’s where Stopwatch comes in. The gem allows you to write automated tests that assert the run time of some task (e.g., loading a page). The idea was that we could write a test as follows: expect { get :index }.to run_for < 0.5.seconds The gem’s RSpec matcher, run_for, will 1) discard a warmup run of the task, 2) time multiple runs of the task and 3) average the run times. While this worked as expected, we have so far encountered […]

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RubyConf AU – Legacy Code

A bunch of us from Powershop went to RubyConf AU 2015 – held this year at sunny Melbourne. There were heaps of excellent talks and we have had lots of opportunities to mingle with the local developer community. One talk was given by Keith Pitty in which he charts out how to deal with Legacy Code. This is an interesting talk for those who really love maintenance. OK, that might be a unicorn in the forest 🙂

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Rails Girls Wellington

I’m recovering from a FULL on month organising the latest Rails Girls hosted right here, at Powershop in March 2014. Highlights included Ruby Hangman Human Robot Game The Github Animal Party Story Almost everyone made a site Seeing so many people deploy their apps to Heroku Hearing that so many people want to keep learning and be part of the community Trending on twitter next to the Warriors What is Rails Girls? Rails Girls is a non-profit volunteer community (and free open source learning materials) which was started in Finland. It is now a global organisation with 120 cities involved in running events. Based around a weekend event where girls set up development environments on their computers and build their own web apps using Ruby on Rails, Rails Girls continues with ongoing support for girls who want to progress with programming. Rails Girls aims to introduce people to programming who might otherwise be hesitant to join a […]