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Victoria University of Wellington ICT Careers Expo

In early May, a sizeable chunk of Powershop’s delivery team made a bright pink appearance at the ICT careers expo at Victoria University’s Kelburn campus.

We were a diverse group of former and current Vic Uni students, dev managers and our almighty CTO. We set up our stall in the morning, and set out to make a lasting impression on every student we talked to. Our goal with this event was to spread the word about Powershop’s delivery work and culture, and to meet some awesome people.
Powershop has had great success with finding interns through Summer of Tech (SoT) in the past; we’ve hired 14 interns through SoT over the last four summers! Nine of these interns are now working as permanent full-time software developers (including myself), and the current batch of interns are with us part time while they finish their studies.

We met lots of awesome students and had good chats

Our internship programme aims to give students an all-encompassing experience of what it is like to work at Powershop. The programme kicks off with all the interns working on the Devtrain. This is where they learn Ruby, Rails and Powershop coding practices. These practices include pair programming, how to give and receive in-depth code reviews, test-driven development, daily stand-ups and other Agile practices. For SoT interns, their time on the Devtrain, which normally spans 3 months, is condensed into one month. This means that our interns get to spend their remaining two months on actual delivery teams, where they can continue their learning while doing important work and contributing to real features in our applications. At Powershop we value people above all else. In particular we love helping people with their personal and professional development, and this is exemplified in the long term relationships with new starters. All our interns have had the option of continuing to work part time with us through the year while they are back at uni.

Being an intern at Powershop is exciting for a multitude of reasons, namely:

  • New recruits are surrounded by supportive and clever mentors
  • There is a strong focus on good coding practices
  • Powershop is a growing company, so the work we do is exciting and challenging.

All our software for the call centre, public website, customer website and mobile apps is developed in-house. We now have the ability to share these tools in other markets around the globe. We are established in Australia, and are currently doing the groundwork to deliver our fantastic product to the United Kingdom. There is ample room for software developers to grow and learn at Powershop, in a myriad of technical and non-technical directions.

As with previous years, Powershop will be looking for interns and graduates through Summer of Tech, so spread the word or get in touch if this sounds like something that you are interested in!

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