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Answers to all those (other) questions

If you’ve ever visited a website, which is highly likely, then you’ve probably come across one of those annoying pop-ups that ask you something along the lines of “What did you come here to do today?”

At Powershop our customers are at the centre of nearly every decision we make, so we are curious about what people are looking for when they visit our website. So yes, you guessed it, we too have one of those annoying pop-up surveys.

This anonymous quick survey is triggered when somebody from New Zealand has visited a couple of pages on our website and has lingered on a single page for more than 30 seconds. We figured that if you’re looking around our website and reading the content then you might have some useful feedback for us. We get over 100 responses every week.

Sometimes in the survey feedback box the respondent asks if anybody is even reading their responses. Yes, we do, and I’m the person who reads these messages every day. As the Head of Design I find it useful to have my finger on the pulse of what our customers and prospective customers are seeking.

I regularly forward messages to Sean, our Call Centre Operations Manager, and other crew members at Powershop if I think it’s relevant to their area of responsibility or influence. In fact, any crew member at Powershop can read the survey responses at any time.

What are people saying?

Here’s some of the top areas of feedback.

“I want a price comparison with my current provider”

Ah yes, our astute customers like a killer power deal and do their research. This is our number one piece of feedback. Back in the day it was (kind of) possible to make a direct comparison with other electricity retailers but over time this has become more and more difficult as there’s no shared database of plans and prices. Even PowerSwitch has to do some magic behind the scenes to create their league table. It’s a big headache for everybody, and we’re well aware of this.

We thought about this and this is what prompted us to create Powershop’s Guaranteed Savings. We even created a funky video to explain how it works…


“I want to buy power”

Great! There are two key ways to do this…

  1. On the Powershop homepage click the pink login button – top right of the screen. This will take you to our shop.
  2. Even better, download our mobile app. It’s a power shop in your pocket.

“Find out if I can find a power company that charges less than my current power company”

Don’t worry about it. Powershop guarantees that you will be better off with us. See the video above if you haven’t yet – this explains how.

“Log on… where’s the log on button??”

The pink button labelled “login” – top right of the screen.

“I don’t understand what power packs are.”

Powerpacks are the way we package and offer our electricity for sale. They come in a variety of sizes and prices so you can purchase as little or as much power as you want at anytime.

“Why you don’t email special offers?”

Special Packs offer great value and the very best way to be notified about the latest one is via our mobile app. Our research showed that more and more, people are checking their emails less frequently. Since our specials are available for a very limited time, we decided that the best way to reach our customers is via a mobile phone notification and social media.

Some of the more colourful feedback?

It can be both endearing and vicious…

“Love Powershop. Easiest, most transparent power co. EVER!”

We love this sort of feedback! Thanks 🙂

“Powershop gives me the freedom to choose what and when I purchase power, also I control what I spend. Its a lot cheaper than my old accounts with other companies. I save so much now plus its very informative, I can see when, and how I use my power etc. I always get a refund/discount. I have recommended this site to alot, and I mean alot of people, and they are thrilled with your store and how much cheaper it is, plus its easy to use. Many,many thanks for making my life that little bit easier.”

Wow. We work hard to make sure Powershop gives you control over your spending and energy usage. It’s great to hear that it’s all working as planned!

“…having seen how stupid ‘Matt’ is and being unable to identify with such a moronic attitude as he is attributed with, I’m giving it 2nd thoughts. Implying that ‘Matt’ can save enough money ‘so they can afford to take the family to Disneyland next year’ , is beyond belief. Unless they live next door to Disneyland, of course. He would also not have to wait to buy the power drill if he cancels his sister visit , or ensures that no other family visit after her. So sad for him. Couldn’t he have figured out that his power ‘spiked’ while more people were staying…without entering the meter reading. Matt doesn’t appear very intiative, or bright for that matter. Must be a smelly family, and no power drill to play with. Perhaps, just concentrate on Matt enjoying his hot shower and the family being noice and walm this winter at the LOWEST possible cost.”

This customer is talking about a storyline we created to explain how our mobile app works. Every time a customer brings it up we wince in pain. Yeah, it’s doozy and it has been on our wish list to replace this with something more realistic. We’ll be creating a new video in the coming months.

“Have a nose it’s the first time I’ve heard of this power provider. Are you for real?”


“Look for a better deal you thieving sods. Sick of your endless price rises & your greedy grasping CEO’s.”

Ouch. Our CEO was sobbing into his pillow over this one, quit his job and became a breatharian. If we gave power away too cheaply we’d be in big trouble with a lot of people. This video explains how electricity pricing works.


“jst checking the price.. bkoz gonna move out nxt week in new house…. jst luking best nd cheap power company…. dats y i did visit on urs website”

Um. Dats gr8 homie! (I think).

“Get rid of this annoying pop up! I keep minimising it but it comes back and when it does it moves the content that I’m trying to read. If you really need the feedback design a better pop up or better yet when someone clicks the minus – GET RID OF IT.”

Sorry. It’s not meant to do that. Have we reached the singularity already?

“You don’t appear to sell rice cookers”

Dammit! We’re obviously in the wrong industry.