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Answers to all those (other) questions

If you’ve ever visited a website, which is highly likely, then you’ve probably come across one of those annoying pop-ups that ask you something along the lines of “What did you come here to do today?” At Powershop our customers are at the centre of nearly every decision we make, so we are curious about what people are looking for when they visit our website. So yes, you guessed it, we too have one of those annoying pop-up surveys.

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My road map to refactoring CSS in large code bases

For any organisation working on a large code base over a long period of time there will eventually be a point where the code has become unwieldy and it’s time to do a clean up. In the last few years we’ve seen CSS3 standards roll out, some great tools and preprocessors such as SASS, the Rails Asset Pipeline (sprockets), and new standards for images such as SVGs. We’ve also seen how necessary responsive layouts are for the (ever growing) mobile user-base. We’ve all seen how CSS files can quickly get unwieldy and the cringe moment of finding code comments that say things such as /* Temp fix */ and it’s still there four years later. Let’s think about the timescale of front end technology…I imagine it being like aging in DOG YEARS. So that makes a seven year old code base like 40-50 human years. By this age people tend to have accumulated a lot of stuff. It’s […]

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Hands-on at the local Global Service Design Jam

I was part of Wellington’s participation in the 2016 Global Service Design Jam –  about 75 teams from around the world spent 48 hours designing services from scratch during that final summer weekend (26 -28 Feb). Check out the website: The emphasis was firmly on doing – process over outcome – meaning it was a fantastically easy way to practise some of the basics of collaborative design. At the Biz Dojo shared workspace in Tory Street fifty of us Jammers ended up producing eight service propositions – from brainstorms to finished prototypes – at a crazy fun pace. On Friday night organiser Struan Rickman unveiled the Jam’s kick-off theme. It was not a ‘thing’, but a sound – I imagined a plop as if a heavy object had been released into water – or alternatively something had risen from beneath to break the water’s surface. And the Jam commenced… We milked every conceivable and […]

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Hack Day Project – Making timesheets fun (ish)

Timesheets or death! As much as we all dislike doing timesheets, Aleks (keeper of time, wrangler of developers) sends us lovingly crafted reminder emails featuring sad cat memes to remind us to do them on time or else. As someone who loves front end and user experience, I wanted to make the ‘Timesheeting’ experience better for everyone. I decided to make a series of themes for our timesheet app. I thought it would be great to have a new theme each week. It didn’t take long and so i set up some rules to make it easy, each theme would have a background, a font colour and header background. Cool. I then set this to change out each week.