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Fear and Coding at Powershop

Starting a new job is an experience that falls somewhere between ‘somewhat stressful’ and ‘utterly terrifying’. When I started at Powershop 10 months ago I was very anxious, not least because it was my first job as a Software Developer. My mood one week after starting at Powershop was the polar opposite. I still felt like the ‘new guy’ in a lot of ways (I didn’t yet feel comfortable coming to work in jandals and shorts, for example), but my anxiety had been replaced with confidence and excitement. This transformation can be largely attributed to the unique training program that all new Ruby on Rails developers go through at Powershop called the “Devtrain”. This blog post explores the Devtrain experience, in particular as it pertains to employee fear and anxiety. Before we get into that, though, let’s take a quick look at where I’d come from prior to joining Powershop: Hospitality Construction Agricultural Contracting Sales Evangelism […]